We implement your specific aluminium requirements. Across your entire process chain. From small-scale to large-scale.

Know what counts: Consistently highest quality, available any time, delivered just-in-time.

Always focused on: Lightweight construction for optimal energy efficiency. For automotive, transportation and mobility.
Because we’re experienced and know what counts, in Europe and everywhere around the world.
That’s ETF’s specialty. With our fully integrated, modern production facilities and our experienced plant managers and technicians, we cover not only a wide range of alloys, surfaces and dimensions; we also ensure compliance with required standards and warranties. Guaranteed.
When it comes to metal hedging, our access to the London Metal Exchange allows us to offer a wide range of price hedging models. Talk with our specialists in financing and logistics – for your supply reliability, for your supply chain.

Aluminium production with added value.

Our aluminium products, tailored to the requirements of

your industry: